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Delve into the beauty and history of Mykonos

If you’ve ever looked at photos of the Greek Islands, you are already familiar with at least four iconic attractions of Mykonos. The first one, instantly recognizable and mesmerizingly nostalgic, the windmills of Mykonos’ old port. Perched over the Chora, these traditional whitewashed structures gaze at the Aegean while clinging to a past so distinct, yet so in-sync with today’s modern Mykonian living.

You could probably guess the name of the second one, just by looking at a single photo. The elegant neighbourhood with the colourful homes standing literally in the seawater resembles Venice so profoundly that the only fitting name was Little Venice! This is the dreamiest spot for viewing the famous sunset, and a romantic corner that has prompted countless heartfelt declarations of love and even more marriage proposals, a location so enchanting you’ll find hard to leave behind. As for the third one, the lovely church of Panagia Paraportiani at the spot where the entrance of the Chora’s castle once stood is a landmark of Cycladic architecture and an image so unique it’s breath taking.

Last, but certainly not least of Mykonian attractions is the neighbouring island of Delos. The entire island is an archaeological treasure, the mythical birthplace of God Apollo and an ancient Greek sanctuary. This uninhabited isle comes alive daily with hundreds of visitors reaching its shores to explore and discover the region’s rich history and culture, as showcased in the ruins of the ancient city and the Archaeological Museum. You can reach Delos aboard daily cruises or luxurious private yachts.

There are so many amazing things to see around Mykonos. Ask the Noima Luxury Suites concierge for suggestions, or even to book guided tours, excursions and cruises to all the must-see spots!