The Meaning of Enjoying More

Noima Boutique Hotel Mykonos aims to provide a comprehensive hospitality experience, replete with exclusive services that can make your stay all the more comfortable, convenient and of course, memorable. To assist you in anything that would elevate your Mykonos holiday experience, the Noima Boutique Hotel concierge is at your utter disposal with a set of well-thought services, all focused on your absolute satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to address the Noima Boutique Hotel concierge for any request you may have, whether you seek insider’s tips and recommendations to all the island’s attractions, or you wish to arrange a personalized experience. Wellness services, sightseeing tours, transfer or vehicle rental bookings, private cruises and exclusive entertainment arrangements are just some of the services that can upgrade your stay. Get in touch to see what else we can do for you!

The Noima Boutique Hotel Mykonos Concierge can provide upon request:

  • Private luxury transport to and from the port/airport
  • Car/motorbike rentals
  • Private transfers to beaches and attractions around the island
  • Luxury yacht charters and private cruise arrangements
  • Private cruises and guided tours to Delos and Rineia Islands
  • Private guided tours and excursions to the island’s attractions
  • Tailor-made island-hopping experiences
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Massage therapies and wellness sessions in your suite
  • Private dining arrangements in your suite
  • Private fitness and Yoga sessions
  • Assistance with planning and arranging private events
  • Tailor-made concierge services